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“Samer the Love Spectrum” Partners with SCADD for Behavioral Therapy in a Groundbreaking Initiative for Children with Special Needs

AMMAN, JORDAN - [Sep,2023] - In a significant step towards enhancing the support system for children with special needs in Jordan, “Samer the Love Spectrum,” a leading not-for-profit organization, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with SCADD for Behavioral Therapy, a renowned center for comprehensive care for children with autism.

This collaboration aims to bolster the awareness campaign initiatives of “Samer the Love Spectrum” and expand its training offers to parents. SCADD, leveraging its expertise, will facilitate workshops and training sessions, ensuring parents and caregivers are well-equipped to understand and nurture the unique potentials of their children.

"Samer's mission has always been to spread love and support for our children's diverse needs," said [Samer's spokesperson/Muafaq Al-Zamel]. "By joining hands with SCADD, we are not only broadening our reach but also enriching the resources available to the parents."

Mohammad A. Dalhoum from SCADD added, "This partnership embodies our commitment to community outreach and ensuring that every child with autism gets the best support possible. We're excited to bring our expertise to the workshops and training sessions and make a positive impact."

Key Highlights of the Collaboration:

  • Joint workshops for parents and caregivers, led by experts from SCADD.

  • Co-branded content development, including success stories and informational resources.

  • Regular awareness campaigns across digital and traditional media platforms.

The collaboration will kick off with a launch event on Oct, 2023, which will be open to parents, caregivers, media personnel, and all stakeholders interested in the cause.

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