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ABAT 40 hours Program


250 JOD


40 hours

About the Course

This training course offers evidence-based behavior intervention techniques and strategies tailored for professionals. It covers a wide range of topics including Data Collection and Measurement, Assessment and Evaluation, Skill Acquisition, Discrete Trial Instruction, Verbal Behavior Approach, Behavior Acquisition and Reduction, Documentation and Reporting, Professional Conduct, and Scope of Practice.

Participants in the training will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to proficiently apply applied behavior analysis techniques with a high level of fidelity. Our goal is to equip practitioners to carry out their duties ethically and effectively within the realm of ABA.

The course is structured to meet the training requirements for RBT/ABAT certification. It comprehensively covers all tasks and subtasks outlined in the ABAT (QABA) Task List, along with the relevant ethics requirements for behavior technicians. Additionally, we offer practical training sessions to facilitate the completion of your Competency Assessment.

Moreover, we provide a preparation exam consisting of 85 multiple-choice questions aligned with the ABAT – QABA Task List, mirroring the question distribution on the international exam.

This program is beneficial for anyone seeking exposure to evidence-based programs and methodologies grounded in Behavior Analysis science, with applications extending to various aspects of life.

Please note that this program is independent of QABA.

Your Instructor

Reema Jubran, BCBA

Reema Jubran is a dedicated and compassionate professional with expertise in applied behavior analysis. As a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), she brings valuable experience in supporting individuals with autism and other developmental disorders. Reema is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of children and families at SCADD.

Reema Jubran, BCBA
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